Elie Saab Spring Summer 2015

Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear

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Blue Seahorse #best #meditative #ocean #animals #interesting #beautiful #things

**seahorses ~ so magnificent! so fragile! brilliant blue beauty residing in our oceans ~

Portuguese Man of War ocean animals #best #sea #meditative #ocean #animals #popular #interesting #beautiful #things #underwater #nature

This is a closeup of the tentacles of Portuguese Man OWar(Physalia physalis)Photo by Simon de Glanville

Un plafond couleur bleu canard - Frenchy Fancy

Un plafond couleur bleu canard

Radiolarians of Podocyrtis (Lampterium) ocean animals #best #sea #meditative #ocean #animals #popular #interesting #beautiful #things #underwater #nature

Radiolarians of Podocyrtis (Lampterium) Radiolaria are amoeboid protozoa that produce intricate mineral skeletons. They are found as zooplankton throughout the ocean, and their skeletal remains cover large portions of the ocean bottom as radiolarian ooze.


Bedroom - turquoise, aqua and deep green. love the darker colors of lamp and shade and blankets to make the room feel moody and beautiful.

Gingko Leaves.

Elements of Design: Shape, Color Principles of Design: Repeition Kona Bay Empress Gingko Leaves Tonal Indigo

Uses of the Most Popular Decorating Tips

This staircase is stunning! 10 Things To Do with a Quart of Paint- Ideas and inspiration, including this project for ombre painted stair risers!

True Ameraucanas lay blue eggs. These eggs are from the William Morrow line of Blue Ameraucanas and are a brilliant blue. The grown hens will be either blue or black, have puffy muffs or beards and have pea combs. These are Blue Ameraucana eggs. If they are fertilized by a Marans rooster instead of an Ameraucana rooster, the resulting chick is an Olive Egger.

BLUE EGG LAYERS Araucana Cream Legbar Ameraucana Only three breeds of chickens lay blue eggs, Cream Legbars, Araucanas and Ameraucanas. The blue color is created by oocyanin, which is produced in the bile and applied early in the laying process.

What a cool boy's bathroom - paint is F&B Lulworth blue

Stunning bathroom features blue paint on walls accented with decorative moldings framing a window seat nook illuminated by brass sputnik chandelier.