Nail Inspiration: Nude Matte Nails (Le Fashion)

Nude Matte Nails Nail Art Inspiration OPI Classic Nail Lacquer Samoan Sand Essie Matte About You Matte Finisher Via Spaz Squee

This is one of the single greatest feelings ever. Reading to your lover in bed. Also being read to by your lover in bed is awesome too.

Reading....i want him (future guy) do this for me....and i would not mind doing it for him.

Photo (Modern Hepburn)

of a couple lusts husband is exactly like this - Reading.i want him (future guy) do this for me.

Academics can all get a little bit boring: you wake up every morning and get ready for your typical statistics, history, chemistry, and literature class. You graduated high school thinking you would never have to be anywhere near an English text book.

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