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a statue of a man sitting in a bowl filled with marshmallows
an image of two birds painted on wooden planks in front of a concrete wall
Bloemstyling 't Roosje • Bloemstyling 't Roosje
Bloemstyling 't Roosje
a hand that has been made to look like a person with a heart on it
Angels at my Table
Angels at my Table: November 2012
a painting of a woman holding a heart with the words sweet dreams above her head
CHANELLE KOTZE angel artist
a piece of art that looks like a hand with a bird on it's palm
Angels at my Table
Angels at my Table
several pictures of different types of rocks and plants
I saw this and I had to get it over to you guys right away! The only thing I regret about this post is...
several photos of white vases with plants in them and the words garden written on one side
several different types of clay with candles in them and pictures of the same type of clay
spheres from...
spheres from balloons....
there are many cats on display in the window
Cat sculptures ~ ♥