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The beach is truly my *happy place* and I have spent many, many hours of my time prowling up and down the stretch of sand in search of the perfect seashells. There are few things that fill me with giddy happiness the way a beautiful shell plucked from the sand does. I recently went to St. Maarten, an island on the Caribbean, for a week, and at one gorgeous beach, I spent almost two hours in the shallows, hunting down the prettiest shells ever. Look at them. Who wouldn’t be that entranced?!

Pretty self explanatory: buy or take seashells from beach, get pot, hot glue seashells on pot, get succulent or other plant, plant succulent in you cute new seashell pot!

How to Propagate Roses Using Potatoes !! Awesome by MyohoDane

How to Propagate Roses Using Potatoes !! Awesome by MyohoDane

84dd31a14eab7239f3852a68fe54f661.jpg 640×960 pixels

84dd31a14eab7239f3852a68fe54f661.jpg 640×960 pixels

Awesome stone dragonfly

Awesome stone dragonfly

The World’s Top 10 Best Ways to Paint Pebbles!

Bring the Smurfs into your home with a sweet and simple nature craft: painted rock mushrooms! All you need is a few smooth rocks, some red and white paint, and a bit of blue. No wait, glue!

how to build a self-watering container- Urban Homestead blogspot

Self-watering containers make growing fruits and veggies a breeze and are ideal for gardening in small spaces. Construct your own reliable waterer with a few easily scavenged materials and about an hour’s worth of time. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

self watering hanging basket

Self watering hanging basket. Link to illustrated instructions is in the first comment box.

Norwegian perler bead pattern

Norwegian perler bead pattern-wonder if this would translate well for a quilt block.