83 Pins
three green ceramic cats standing next to each other
Dragana Knezevic Ceramic cats
a statue sitting on top of a wooden table next to an apple and another sculpture
Lyrical Sculptures of Expressive Women Tell Stories Through Body Language and Big Hair
a sculpture of a woman standing on top of a block of stone in front of a white wall
Hitesh Durgani: Photo
a statue is shown in front of a gray background with the sun shining through it
Agnes Sculpture by Loes Knoben
a sculpture of a woman holding a large bird on top of a white pedestal against a red wall
a penguin statue made out of newspaper paper
Яндекс Картинки: поиск изображений в интернете, поиск по изображению
five different types of sculptures are shown in various poses, including one woman's head and torso
SKULPTUREN | Schweizer Kunst | Künstler David Werthmüller
three cats made out of newspaper sitting on top of a table