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My leopard geckos enclosure! 🏜️
40 gallon enclosure inspiration for a leopard gecko! 🦎 #leopardgecko #reptile #gecko
an aquarium filled with rocks and plants in front of a large wall mounted fish tank
6ft uromastyx paradise!
6ft uromastyx paradise!
a piece of paper is laying on the floor next to a knife and some wood
an animal that is sitting on top of a tree trunk with the words, 38 tank setup ideas for leopard ciclos
36 Tank Setup Ideas For Leopard Geckos
Because of having mild-temperament, leopard geckos are popular among pet lovers. You can keep your geckos happy and healthy by giving them a nice home. If you find the readymade enclosures too costly, you can DIY a leopard gecko tank at home. All you require is space and the right environment to set up the enclosure. In this article, I’ve penned down 36 expert-approved tank setup ideas for leopard geckos. You can take or modify any of these ideas to make a happy home for geckos.