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Jeff Goldblum snuggles a velociraptor Celebrity Drawings, Celebrity Portraits, Bad Fan Art, Fan Drawing, Snuggles, Hilarious, Celebrities, Star Trek, Fans

Fuck Yeah Jeff Goldblum

From Robot Nine’s “Bad Fan Art: Celebrity Drawings Gone Bad” You know, at least this person tried. Talent or not, they couldn’t help but create a visualization of their god to worship — and I can’t...

Patrick Swayze Charcoal Portrait by Flugelhgk Bad Fan Art, Charcoal Portraits, Patrick Swayze, Cartoon Shows, Weird, Celebrity, Deviantart, Drawings, Sketches

Charcoal Portrait by Flugelhgk on DeviantArt

This is a Charcoal Portrait of Patrick Swayze it is a try if i can draw portraits i know it don' look quite like him and i'm keep practicing to draw bet... Charcoal Portrait

Star wars chewbacca by carolehug bad fan art, drawing stars, cartoon shows, chewbacca Bad Fan Art, Art Sketches, Art Drawings, Drawing Stars, Relationship Pictures, Disney Star Wars, Cartoon Shows, Couple Art, Chewbacca

star wars chewbacca by carolehug on DeviantArt

pencil drawing star wars chewbacca

Another bad practice face. Lots of issues with poor Angelina. Bad Fan Art, Angelina Jolie, Deviantart, Face

Practice - Angelina Jolie by SanguineEpitaph on DeviantArt

Another bad practice face. Bad. Bad. Bad. Disproportionate. Bad. I just started this last night and finished it today. Lots of issues with poor Angelina... Practice - Angelina Jolie

This is the most exact X-Files artistic vision we've seen… Bad Fan Art, Canvas 5, Strange Photos, Trending Memes, The Darkest, Ronald Mcdonald, Baseball Cards, Explore, Funny

Found this at my Goodwill; passed it up. Someone else bought it and oddly, I found it on Tumblr. I missed out.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

harry potter by carolehug on DeviantArt Bad Fan Art, Pencil Drawings, Harry Potter, Deviantart, Drawings In Pencil, Pencil Art

harry potter by carolehug on DeviantArt

pencil drawing harry potter