Triple Pocket Napkin Fold Tutorial #SmartyHadAParty

Triple Pocket Napkin Fold Tutorial

Learn how to create this chic napkin fold for your next dinner party with the triple pocket napkin fold tutorial. *Hint: Use an iron and starch for a more pressed look. Other Thanksgiving-themed napkin folding tutorials: Party on, Smarties!

Wine bottle cover

Bottle cover - Great way to wrap a gift. Could be a bottle of wine or a gourmet cooking oil.

5 Rustic Tablescapes which I'm turning into Christmas tablescapes! Check out later.

5 Rustic Tablescapes

Burlap & Blush Tablescape via Southbound Bride & Photos by Tonya Peterson Photography; I like the square boxes as centerpieces

Dalebekken vaser fylt med roser, amaryllis og nelliker gir et vakkert nyttårsbord

Slik pynter du det vakreste julebordet