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a violin hanging from the side of a wall
17 Ways To Reuse Guitars
There are sooo many cool things you can do with old wooden instrument bodies. This one is quite the intricate dollhouse out of an old violin.
a model of a chair on top of a table
Ironing Out the Kinks....
how to: ironing board Steps: 8 popsicle sticks, pece of cardboard, and fabric! That is all u need!
a living room with a chair, couch and potted plant
The Modern Dollhouse for My Modern Girl - Erika Brechtel
Mini doll furniture
there are pencils in a cup and some crayons on the table
pamplemoussi: Oh my gosh, I used to make hundreds of these little pencils for my dollhouse! (via the Hairpin) This is how I made the colored pencils in the artist studio.
a wooden toy crib sitting on top of a white table next to a wall
Homemade Dollhouse Furniture
Crib - Dollhouse Furniture
a white box with black buttons on the front and sides, sitting on a wooden surface
Homemade Dollhouse Furniture
Doll house furniture More
four different views of surfboards with wooden boards attached to the top and bottom sides
Free Doll Clothes Pattern to make a cute holiday reversible wrap skirt
DIY Popsicle Stick Desk and Chair DIY Projects
several miniature chairs and stools sitting on a wooden table with metal cords attached to them
17 Ways To Have A Crafternoon With A Bottle Of Booze
17 Ways To Have A Crafternoon With A Bottle Of Booze
several different sized and colored glass items on a wooden table with one candle holder in the middle
Melindas Miniaturen und Hexenstube (Alles rund um Miniaturen und Puppenstuben 1:12)
four different images of flowers in concrete containers
Account Suspended
Model Trenciler, Model Trenler Çok Güzel Çalışmalar Bunlar
a miniature desk and chair made out of cardboard paper with the words miniature desk and chair
Miniature Desk and Chair // How to Sculpt the World's Tiniest Desk
Miniature Succulents Plants, Polymer Clay and Acrylics Tutorial - YouTube
the brushes are lined up next to each other on the table with one brush in it's holder
miniature fence or iron work - bobby pins :-)
five small appliances are sitting on a checkered floor
Monday Etsy Madness
Links to no where, but I love the idea of painting blocks for doll's houses. J.H.
a small wooden chair sitting on top of a white floor next to a window sill
Homemade Dollhouse Furniture
doll house chair More
there is a red bird sitting on the door handle
Greenleaf Spring Fling 2013- Loblolly Westcott House detail shots
Shower head made from earbud !!! Great site with many other ideas, including the shower and a swimming pool :-)