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Labeled radiographic anatomy of female (top image) & male pelvis (bottom image)

Labeled radiographic anatomy of the male (bottom image) and female (top image) pelvis. I only wish they'd known how to spell "lumbar" vertebrae!

Restrictive Lung Disease | Figure 14.10 Common bronchial and pulmonary diseases. Exposure to ...

Oxygen delivery can be reduced via common bronchial and pulmonary diseases.

awesome!  I need to share this with my clients so they can be more specific when dealing with aches or pains... lol.    When they text/email to tell me their foot, leg or hand hurt, this would make it so much easier!

Aaron Kuehn’s Skeleton and Muscle Typograms - Free PDFs for Wall Art. A free and last minute present for someone studying anatomy or friends who love design and typography. Find the Skeleton Typogram here. You can print your own free PDF.

Anatomy of the foot

This goes to an ad for orthotics but the anatomy lesson is a good one. There are 26 bones in the human foot which are grouped into 7 tarsals, 5 metatarsals and 14 phalanges, for a total of 33 joints, of which 20 are actively articulated

Radiographic Anatomy - Foot Lateral

Radiographic Anatomy of the Foot - Lateral view (non-weight bearing)