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Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 28 Pics

Cover your trampoline springs with pool noodles. I was pinched in springs so often when I was a kid. This is safe and looks awesome. Now I just need a house with a garden to put my pool-noodled trampoline in.

Rockid rocking chair and cradle

Funny pictures about Genius design: rock the cradle and yourself. Oh, and cool pics about Genius design: rock the cradle and yourself. Also, Genius design: rock the cradle and yourself.

DIY – How To Make a custom Name Monogram

Do you want to decorate a woman's room in your house? Here are 34 girls room decor ideas for you. Tags: girls room decor, cool room decor for girls, teenage girl bedroom, little girl room ideas

Arquitete você mesmo Especial Dia das Crianças parte 2

A DIY baby mobile that could be made from some quilt batting (for the cloud) and colored paper or felt (for the raindrops). This Mobil could decorate the area over a changing table (a conversation starter for teacher and baby (Early Ed.

Utilize square footage with an organizational system beneath the stairs. If I don't stop pinning these cool ideas, I am going to start ripping out boards and walls in my house and redo it all! Come visit me in the crazy house then because that's where hubby would put me if I started remodeling by myself. hehe.

Decorating, under stair storage ideas. To maximize space in your home, utilizing under stairs storage space solutions can help to de-clutter and create functionality in an otherwise unused space.