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This is the Easiest Tutorial for That Chunky Knit Blanket Everyone Loves


ravello pattern by Isabell Kraemer

#winter #fashion / Pink Wool Knit + White Shirt

A nice fuzzy pink sweater can be paired with leggings, long or short skirt, jeans, its a holiday must.

Patsy55's Azulejo {thrice} || Pom Pom Quarterly


“If angels wore pullovers, I know who would knit them for them!” - these words said by my friend gave the name to this design. It was originally created for my daughter, but my Instagram followers showed so much love to it, that I decided to make and publish the pattern of adult and kid versions.

Winter Angel pattern by Tanya Mulokas

Ravelry: Winter Angel pattern by Tanya Mulokas . I know it is knitted, but have to crochet something white and fluffy ;

Strickpaket Lettlopi Nr. 1401 | Damen-Herren | Lettlopi | Strickpakete | Online-Shop Islandwolle Versand

Strickpaket Lettlopi Nr. 1401

"Afmæli” anniversary sweater in Icelandic wool Léttlopi. Design by Védís Jónsdóttir. Free Swedish pattern available on our website. Free English pattern available via Ravelry and on www.


Antler pattern by ANKESTRiCK

Ravelry: Antler pulling ver by ANKESTRICK. Top down knitting. No picked up stitches of seaming needed. Play at color blocking as designer suggests.