Shashiko embroidery

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three cups are sitting next to each other on a table with two placemats
Nog nieuwe ideeen nodig ?
De door mij ontworpen onderzetters in de Sashiko rijgtechniek
four red and white square pieces of cloth on wooden floor with pegs in the middle
two black and yellow square shaped cushions on a wooden table with white stitching in the middle
*** 刺し子のコースター *** 初めてにしてはうまくいったと思う けど、まっすぐ縫えてなかったり、模様のバランスが悪かったり…まだまだです。 *** #刺し子 #コースター #ハンドメイド #手芸
close up view of an old red and white blanket with small circles on it's edges
Re-Fashioning Kimono: How to Make Traditional’ Clothes for Postmodern Japan
a black and white pattern on top of a wooden table
four squares are shown in black and white, each with an intricate design on them
an upholstered fabric with different colors and patterns
Кройка и шитье. Запись со стены.