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Good Reason

Before I die I want to. Give people a reason to remember my name. I want to do something special with my life, something people will remember. Not just for sports or anything like that I want to be remembered for who I am and what I did

It's probably like a small guitar, with a different sound, and different chords. How hard can it be?

I think the ukulele has such a cool sound and would be so fun to learn how to play some of my favourite songs. Its an instrument thats very cool and easy to teach yourself I believe.

State of the stage in front of millions of people✌️

I wanna stand on stage but millions of people will be focusing on me. but then again they're all there for me so even if I suck they wont care.

I'd prefer it to be an original, but I did record a cover - and it sucked.

Record a song in a studio. In primary school I helped record 2 albums as part of the vocal ensemble. I've also spent some time in the studio as an adult.

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