Ravelry: Almost there... pattern by Isabell Kraemer

Almost there... pattern by Isabell Kraemer

Ravelry: lilalu's Ingrid - take two

lilalu's Ingrid - take two

this one’s for me♥ colours used: cloud, poppy, ecru, storm, crocus (omitted 2 colours of the chart) Mehr

Ravelry: lilalu's Ingrid

lilalu's Ingrid

had the pleasure to work with this incredible yarn again, …totally impressed by these beautiful, vivid colorways♥ it was hard to let this one go on its way over.

Icelandic sweater Lopapeysa made in Plötulopi held double. Colours: 1038 Ivory beige, 1424 golden yellow heather, 0001 white. Yoke: modified Istex Lopi 131.

Icelandic sweater Lopapeysa made in Plötulopi held double. Yoke: modified Istex Lopi Plus

Icelandic Sweater, Lopapeysa, Handmade, 100 % pure Wool, Custom made, Oatmeal, Brown, White, Black, Warm, Cozy, Knit. $165.00, via Etsy.

Lopapeysa (Traditional knit Icelandic sweater) - should have bought one when I was there!

Woodland Icelandic Sweater / Lopapeysa ash lett lopi MADE TO ORDER

MADE TO ORDER Woodland Icelandic Sweater made with ash and an original yoke design of black, beige and oatmeal. Hand knit with aran weight

Ravelry: chomolhari's Strokkur II

chomolhari's Strokkur II

A dear friend of mine is really fond of my first Strokkur and told me many times how much she loves it. So I decided to be a good friend and knit another one just for her.

update 10/25/2016: german version added

Ready for fall pattern by Isabell Kraemer

Icelandic Lopi sweater - Folfloore www.folkloore.com Perfect Winter Sweater!

Icelanders have been knitting their native long-haired sheep’s wool since more than half a century. This explains the beauty of these Lopi sweaters, hand-knitte