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a spiral notebook with the words scp foundation personal note written in black on it
SCP Foundation notepad: symple-W[SCP Foundation] Notebook | Zazzle
Social Media Art, Kaiju Art, Modern Fantasy, Creepy Art, Weird Creatures, 판타지 아트, Urban Fantasy
SCP-2019 by Amamidori on DeviantArt
there is a glass box with fish in it next to a candle and some other items
SCP Foundation, ARTSCP, SCP-261
a man in a top hat and sunglasses with a bird on his shoulder, standing against a red background
X. It’s what’s happening
the symbol of anarchy is shown in red ink on black paper, and it appears to be an emblem
a man standing in the middle of a forest next to a giant monster with glowing eyes
SCP - 1660, Roman Avseyenko