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Not a cruiser but Rachel Finch, Rosso and Tom Williams may have changed my mind after the little piece they did for the voyager..

Love this. I've enjoyed several cruises. Even kidnapped my best friend and surprised her with a cruise. And last year took my Mom on an all expense paid cruise.

bucket list, before I die, dance in the rain.

Dance in the in the rain.swim in the rain.go on a flying fox in the rain! I've pretty much done everything in the rain!

This is my dream I always talk about how I want to go here and I love it and I want to so badly

Popular tourist destinations In Rome. Ok so you want to visit one of the most breathtaking cities in the world, aka Rome, the question is, what tourist attractions can you see in Rome and what is their history

When my honey and where dating~loved making bonfires at the beach!

Definitely on my summer bucket list! I have always wanted to go with a group of friends to the beach to have a bonfire and hangout