Andrea Thuesen Johansen

Andrea Thuesen Johansen

Andrea Thuesen Johansen
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tutorial watercolor moon - YouTube

I'm going to make some Planet tutorials starting with a moonlike looking watercolor one. I hope it helps~ Watercolor/white Pilot gel liner/ White Acrylic Pai.

Love it!!

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By Erich Borchert (1907-1944), 1928, Sowjetunion Geometrische Komposition, pen and India ink drawing

Erich Borchert Germany - died in Karlag, one of the largest Gulag labor camps, at the age of - "Sowjetunion Geometrische Komposition / Soviet Union Geometric Composition", pen and India ink drawing.

Sandwich Recipe: The Ultimate Vegan Protein Burrito #vegan #recipes #healthy #plantbased #sandwich #whatveganseat

It's hard to call something "the ultimate" but this protein burrito is certainly worthy of the title. With 22 grams of protein, oodles of fiber, and plenty of other goodness (i.

Healthy Cooking,: Chunky Portabella Veggie Burgers, Remove the fact that this Healthy recipe is cooked in a heavy amount of oil and it'll be awesome :)

Friends are telling me these are the best veggie burgers they ever had. Can be made vegan - Chunky Portabella Veggie Burgers packed with mushrooms, broccoli, black beans and awesomeness! Taste like beef but all vegetarian!