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Table Lamp  Lighting  Upcycled Lamp Vintage by BenclifDesigns

I like the look of this old vintage phone, sadly I can't try it myself. Maybe I can get such a vintage phone on a fleemarket someday :)

I need this!!! I wonder how many times during a stressed out day I'd try to dial this phone-lamp!

DIY Retro Phone Revamps - Don’t know what to do with grandma’s old phone? This DIY project will definitely give you something to do wit.

Sa Pilsen Beer on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

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We worked with Romania in the design of their Limited Edition Styles labels. We wanted something simple so we used mainly typography with just a couple of colours for each one. This design pattern give us and Romania the possibility of creating lots of la…

Beer labels are an industry and science in themselves nowadays and many are using type as their showcase piece or unique pitch-point. #packaging - Sixpence Stout by Midday

This packaging is nice because the white wax seal contrasts nicely against the glossy black glass of the bottle. The wax seal is very unique and visually pleasing.