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Chris and Tom

Tom Hiddleston ~ Chris Evans ~ Tom's glow--- don't worry Chris we all do.

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Spiderman everyone :) <-I also cracked up when Sam said that to him. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

I literally went, oh Peter you need! No! School is useless! If you can count to a 100 and read you're fine!

"I have homework." <<in which Peter Parker answers Tony's question like any normal high school student struggling to make an A. I can relate to Peter.

loki memes - Google Search

Tom Hiddleston Loki props The Avengers Captain America shield Thor hammer prank photo Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth saying, "ive got them and im not giving them back!

Parks and rec

Parks and rec You can buy 2 candies This counts as one this guy is a guardian of the galaxy I feel safer already

Avengers Age of Ultron teaser: Captain America and Thor battle for close-ups.

Chris and Chris fool around in the conference movie "Avengers Age Of Ultron"

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Chris Evans you dirty boy! You screwed it up lol then you get Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy, Scarlet that at least say the same thing . The Robert blurts out the end :) this made my morning I thought it was called Chinese whispers?

27+ Viral Photos You Have to See Because They Have(n't) Been Proven to Make Your Teeth Whiter

27+ Viral Photos You Have to See Because They Have(n't) Been Proven to Make Your Teeth Whiter

It'll be confusing. I think they'll use last names. I HOPE they will, at least, or otherwise it'll be like when the two Anthonys started speaking at the same time during the CA: TWS panel.

I know that everyone talks about the Chrises, but can we talk about the Toms for a minute. Tom Holland and Tom Hiddleston are both British, are both named Tom and their initials are "TH".

Photo by tttttayraeeee | VSCO |

Photo by tttttayraeeee | VSCO |