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an under the stairs storage area with various items
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an unfinished workbench with lots of tools and supplies on the shelves in it
Extreme Heavy Duty Work Bench
Extreme Heavy Duty Work Bench - 9
an unfinished workbench in a wood paneled room with gray flooring and walls
New Garage Organization Ideas- CLICK PIC for Lots of Garage Storage Ideas. 94437894 #garage #garagestorage
a kitchen with lots of wooden shelves and baskets
find a way to make this work in the house....that looks like it's about the size of the upstairs garage, doesn't it?
a man standing in front of a shelf filled with wooden planks and plywood
Behind the Stairs Storage | Popular Woodworking
In my basement shop every square inch counts! Out of necessity I found a wealth of unused space tucked right under my nose,or should I say feet.That awkward space under the basement steps can easily be turned into a set of deep shelves perfect for storing everything from tools to shop vacuums, and of course, lumber. Help your small shop seem a lot bigger by using this highly underutilized space.
an open door leading up to a stair case in a room with white walls and wooden floors
Smaller under the stairs space for a cat litter box and food area!! Add a little cat door/hole in the actual door for easy access but keep everyone else out!!
the stairs are open and neatly organized in this garage storage area with baskets, boxes, and other items
yes! summer Project would love this in my basement stairs
a wooden crate filled with lots of different colored balls
masterdeckbuilder.info -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspmasterdeckbuilder Resources and Information.
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a workbench with lots of tools on it and the words pin it below
Cool car parts furniture I found on Pinterest, the best collections of car parts art items I've ever seen | Motor Junkies | Before It's News
there are many different tools on the shelf
Mastic tube storage
I came across this idea in an American DIY magazine, and it has saved me a lot of stress If you have mastic tubes stored on a shelf, then you will...
a workbench with lots of tools hanging on it and the words, money bar workbench slat wall
Garage Storage Systems & Solutions
Custom Tool Storage - Slatwall and Cabinet combo.
how to design and build a custom workbench
Top Garage Organization- CLICK THE IMAGE for Various Garage Storage Ideas. 22599236 #garage #garageorganization
an attic bedroom with white walls and wooden floors, a hammock hanging from the ceiling
home decor white and wood bedroom loft
an unfinished workbench with lots of tools and supplies on the shelves in it
Extreme Heavy Duty Work Bench
Extreme Heavy Duty Work Bench