Semplice by Industrial Facility for Oluce

Semplice by Industrial Facility for Oduce


"Cable Drawings", a simple and funny idea by Maisie Maud Broadhead. found at trendbeheer

Ascent Table Light by Daniel Rybakken

ASCENT TABLE LIGHT BY DANIEL RYBAKKEN By moving the lampshade along the stem of Ascent, a table Light by Daniel Rybakken, the light intensity goes from being turned off at the bottom to gradually ascending to full light output at the top.

Moon '69

Gino Sarfatti / Moon table lamp, model 604 < Important Design, 07 June 2012 < Auctions


Antique Industrial Light- White Porcelian Clip Lamp w/ Neon Ornage Color Cord from EarthSeaWarrior

Ilse Crawford

Mjölk : Studioilse Ceiling Pendant by Ilse Crawford - Studioilse Ceiling Pendant web