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an old airplane flying in the sky over a city
A badly damaged B-26, flying over the Marzabotto rail-bridge in Italy.
an old photo of a man in a suit and hat holding a book while standing next to a bush
John D. Rockefeller
John D. Rockefeller, richest American of all time... worth 330 Billion in the 1800's. More than triple the net worth of the top 5 richest Americans today.
two men in suits waving from the back of a car on a city street with confetti everywhere
JFK in Mexico
JFK in Mexico
three men in uniform standing next to an american flag and the caption reads,
9/11: The 25 Most Powerful Photos
several soldiers walking down an escalator with american flags
10,000 soldiers coming home from Afghanistan, just not now
Welcome Home
JFK & Caroline Couples, Photo, Celebs, Beautiful People, Kinder, Fotografia
JFK & Caroline
an old photo with the caption that reads,'i am not sure what this is
Max Factor’s Beauty Micrometer, 1934
Che Guevara by Elliott Erwitt (CUBA. Havana. 1964. ) Robert Capa, Elliott Erwitt, Salvador Dali, Henri Cartier Bresson, Che Guevara, Che Guevara Photos, Fidel Castro, Ernesto Che, Man Smoking
Elliott Erwitt Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon – Art Blart _ art and cultural memory archive
Che Guevara by Elliott Erwitt (CUBA. Havana. 1964. )
Old Picture of the Day: Sioux Man India, Sioux Indian, Indian Man, Sioux, North American Indians, American Indians, Indian Nation, American Heritage, Native American Men
Sioux Man
Old Picture of the Day: Sioux Man
an old black and white photo of some people in costumes with goggles on walking down the street
this is one of the most haunting pictures i have ever seen. schoolgirls in gas masks. WWII.
a woman in a green coat and hat is shaking hands with two other people outside
Diana & Charles - Prague * Czechoslovakia _ 09 Mai 1991 ( SUITE ) - theprincessdianafan2's blog
a black and white photo of people standing on top of an old car in front of a crowd
JFK on the Campaign Trail, 1960: Photos of a President in the Making
A scene from John F. Kennedy's 1960 presidential campaign.
a group of men in suits and ties with one man holding his head up to the side
LIFE With JFK: Classic Portraits of a Political Superstar, 1947-1963
President John F. Kennedy tosses the first ball of the season at a baseball game, 1961.
an old photo of a man holding a camera in front of his face and looking at the camera
Victor Hasselblad with one of his cameras
an open book with writing on it
Anne Frank
Anne Frank