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an image of a man's face with the words better call soul below it
Better Call Saul fanfic tropes meme
Better call saul
a man sitting in the passenger seat of a car with an ad on his face
Jesse Pinkman
This is a hot take i think but i just love s4-s5 jesse more than anything in the world
a poster with the names of different actors
a man in a yellow jacket standing next to a jail cell phone with the caption if whatsapp was in
two men looking at each other in front of a tv screen with the caption poor baby was scared water can leg off
an old man with glasses is looking at the camera in front of his computer screen
two men standing next to each other near a pay phone booth on the side of the road
Breaking Bad Wallpapers, Bad Wallpaper
two men in yellow raincoats sitting next to each other with beer and food
two people standing in the middle of a field
a man standing in front of a sign that says los polos hermanos