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there is a glass dome with many pictures in it
a ceramic head with a bird sitting on top of it's head, against a white background
Sweet bestiary
a box that has some kind of object in it's bottom half, with beads all over the sides
image | by artfulblogger
a ceramic mask with horns and hearts painted on it's face is shown against a white background
Lucy McCall on Instagram: “💗Shop is live 💗”
a hand holding a small doll with flowers on it
four decorated balls with eyes and beads on them
Gallery: My Handmade Pincushions
Gallery: My Handmade Pincushions: un álbum de Flickr
an image of two dolls with flowers in their hair and one is made out of felt
a red and white cat figurine on a pink background
perro y arena® 〰️ on Instagram: "el perrito colorado 〰️ white stoneware combined with red pigment, hand painted with red underglaze and finished with clear glaze. this is a one of a kind piece and is available via 〰️ update 〰️ this little one is now sold and headed to its new home in the Netherlands"
a person holding up a white mask with a blue hat on it