Blue 1955 Fujicabin Minicar

Blue 1955 Fujicabin Minicar -- why would you want to drive a Hummer if you could have this thing?

1953 Gaitan Auto-Tri 125cc

Gaitan Auto-Tri, Manufactured by Gaitán Constructions s.l, (Spain) the Gaitán Auto-Tri was powered by a engine providing power to the two front wheels. The vehicle had an aluminium body and various versions of the vehicle were made incl

'daf 1 person city car' (1941) nicknamed 'driving raincoat'

1941 Daf one person city car nicknamed 'driving raincoat' DAF is an automobile factory set up in my hometown of Eindhoven, famous for Philips. This was their first car, nowadays they're famous for their lorries

1955 Nami Belka

se-dax: “bolhapia: “carsthatnevermadeit: “Nami Belka, NAMI, short for Nauchno-issledowatelski Awtomobilny y Awtomotorny Institute.

1955 Inter 175A Berline

Inter Berline 1955 The Inter is the one microcar in the entire collection whose sleek lines most closely resemble those of a small.

Microcar Peel P50 - 1964 - 1

1964 Peel - The smallest production car ever built. SPECIFICATIONS Manufacturer: Peel Engineering Co. Origin: Peel, Isle of Man Production: est.

1956 Fuldamobil S-6 Estimate:$40,000-$50,000 US

Microcars worth big bucks at museum auction - 1956 Fuldamobil - CNNMoney

These Exhaust Pipes Shaped Like Hearts and Stars Customize Your Car

Tail pipe for romantics. From Romantic Heart Designs, From Girly Glam Exhaust Pipes to Blossoming Heart Pen Holders"

1952 Messerschmitt, streamlined aerodynamic sleek subcompact bubble retro futuristic cool

1952 Messerschmitt Looks like a combination of a large motorcycle and a small car! I wasn't aware that Messerschmitt made anything but fighter planes. This is a sweet-looking little ride!

1966 Peel Trident Estimate:$40,000-$50,000 US

World Of Classic Cars: Peel Trident - World Of Classic Cars - Rank 155