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Susanne Sundfør and art/noise band Puma preforming Alica Keys hit Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart for

Great Everlast ad: Boxing makes you bigger

Everlast is a 103 year old boxing brand that has served Greats like Ali, Robinson and even a young amateur named Mandela. As a brand, Everlast shares the same value as the sport of boxing - power means nothing without control.

South Korea 1 - North Korea 0

PSY Gangnam Style, 싸이 강남 스타일 Seoul Concert for Fans - PSY performed 'Gangnam Style' and others of his hit songs on 4 October 2012 for his fans in Seoul, Korea. About fans enjoyed the concert.

Best duet ever? James Brown & Luciano Pavarotti - It's a Man's World

James Brown & Luciano Pavarotti - It's a Man's World an odd couple? In this track they seem to be well matched…

DIY video: How to Make the Party Time Awesome Event Centerpiece

This is an instructional video for Awesome Events DIY (Do it Yourself) Party Time centerpiece kit. Awesome Events has centerpieces and supplies for many them.

"So fucking powerful legs"

It's so disturbing yet quite impressive!

Best Van Damme scene ever - Drunk, Dancing, Fighting & Splits.

Jean Claude Van Damme in Kickboxer.

German Cyber-Trance. The new coolest thing.

The new coolest thing.