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the numbers are white on a green background
Trick Or Treating, Trick Or Treat
the mobile twitterr com stock twits status is displayed
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an image of cars driving down the road in different directions and sizes, with text on each side
Best way to make a point
Best way to make a point
four different types of boats on the water with text below them that says,'what is
Our problems would be over
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two girls holding signs that read the climate is changing why aren't we?
Students attend climate march in NYC
UNCA students Sarah Harrell, left, and Jane Smith, right, hold signs at the People’s Climate March. Photo Illustration by Merry Hughes - Contributor
the people don't know their true power
Stand Up and Shout Out to the Lord our God for forgiveness. REPENT of our sins against him. Praise HIS Holy Name. Be grateful for His Mercy and Grace we do Not deserve.
an old photo of people holding protest signs
divan japonais
Too many of us have forgotten this.. (David Fenton, 1970)
two photos one with a football player and the other has an image of people holding torches