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an empty hallway with blue and white walls, sunlight streaming through the windows on either side
Future World: Lost And Abandoned
a sign that is on the side of a pole in front of some bushes and people
A Trip Around The World: Norway | TouringPlans.com Blog
fireworks light up the night sky over spaceship land
Disney News | Disney
the lights are shining brightly in the dark
Extinct Disney » Illuminations
the living seas sign is splashing out of the water onto some rocks and sand
Tiggerific Trivia ~ EPCOT's Living Seas
a large building with a giant ball on top
an illuminated fountain in the middle of a park at night with palm trees and colorful lights
CommuniCore - EPCOT
people are walking under the entrance to an amusement park
an artistic sculpture is displayed in front of the spaceship dome at disney world's animal kingdom
an artistic view of the inside of a building at night with palm trees and lights
EPCOT's Innoventions Plaza at Night
the poster for the millennium celebration at disney world
Millennium Celebration Eyes & Ears Cast Member Newspaper with Epcot Spaceship Earth — High Country Vintage
many people are walking around in a building with an orange floor and red carpeting
an empty bench in front of a building that has stairs and signs on the side
Centorium gift shop at EPCOT in the early 1980’s