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"Okay? Okay. The Fault in Our Stars" Greeting Cards & Postcards by spellbending | Redbubble

i thought it was a good movie. the book was not as great as the movie from my perspective. It was the first movie where i had to cry. Never cried at a movie before.

I like the sketchy way of the text balloons. The combination of colors also. It is informal, but also with style.

i dont like the 'paint' style, but a talk bubble is an over the top obvious 'social' design element

The Gestalt principle of foreground/background is interesting in this photo. It's of people having conversation over tea. Clever.

This is using the Gestalt principle where we are using positive and negative space. The negative space of the coffee cup is actually a person talking and the top of the coffee cup comes out to be a thought bubble.