"ukjente kofter,bilde fra Lev Landlig"

original pin: "ukjente kofter,bilde fra Lev Landlig" Love those amazing cardigans! The knitwear lover in me aches at the sight of the nails (!) that they are hung on.

Ravelry: Nr 12 ”Nancy” kofte med rundt bærestykke pattern by Sandnes Design

Ravelry: Nr 12 ”Nancy” kofte by Sandnes Design. I going to knit this jacket today. (at least by the yarn and pattern, and start knitting today)

Ravelry: 116-1 a - Jacket in ”Alpaca” and ”Glitter” with 2-colour pattern in raglan pattern by DROPS design

Winter Fantasy - DROPS Jacket in ”Alpaca” and ”Glitter” with pattern in round yoke. Size S to XXXL. Long socks in ”Fabel” with the same pattern. - Free pattern by DROPS Design