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a white background with black text that says, if it's not god's time, you can't force it
a quote that reads just when you think it's too late, that's when god whispers we don't use the same watch
a pink background with the words god's plan is worth the wait on it
Aesthetic Pink Bible Verse Wallpaper Backround
a field full of flowers with a sign that says everything in time
a woman with headphones on talking to someone in front of a microphone and holding her finger up
God’s Timing #shorts #podcast #intentionality #christianprayer #religion #prayer #Godstiming
God’s Timing #shorts #podcast #intentionality #christianprayer #religion #prayer #Godstiming
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The Living...
a quote that says, what god has for you, is for you trust his time and trust his plan
the words below are written in black and white, with an image of a cross on it
Her True Worth