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Telemark bunad - Norwegian folk costume

Norwegian - Øst-Telemark: This is evidently the East Telemark bunad style. I guess is is quite similar to the West Telemark one, unless I am remembering West Telemark's incorrectly.

Morway, East Telemark - 'Øst-Telemark Raudtrøyebunad mod fra Skien'

Øst-Telemark Raudtrøyebunad mod fra Skien One of the most popular and expensive bunads in Norway.

e721fb90de12a46990519c5a5392d6be.jpg (736×981)

e721fb90de12a46990519c5a5392d6be.jpg (736×981)


Detail from traditional costume, Telemark Norway

This may be a neat thing to share on the EITB blog!

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