Stakes and Rocks

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a drawing of a cat wearing a crown
sketches, Islam Kurbanov
a painting of a white horse with red eyes on it's head and tail
a drawing of a furry creature with long hair and horns on it's head
an artistic drawing of a red creature with sharp teeth
an artistic painting of a cat with fangs on it's face and chest, in front of a dark background
an illustration of a man with a fishing pole and fish in his hand, standing on top of a post
a black and white drawing of a man with horns on his head, kneeling down
a black and white drawing of a dragon with its head in the middle of it's body
Dragon doodles, Ville Sinkkonen
a drawing of a black dragon with its mouth open
"Come away, oh, human child"
a painting of two black birds on top of a man's head and another bird flying over his head