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a garden with various plants and flowers around it in the middle of a stone path
Gardening- a creative journey
Gardens, garden art, gardening ideas, etc. I see beauty where others may not.
how to grow elderberries from cuttings
Propagating Elderberries from Cuttings
Growing Elderberries from Cuttings ~ Propagating elderberries is simple, all you need is a few hardwood cuttings and a bit of patience.
an outdoor chicken coop in the grass
The New Compost Bin
Canoe Corner: The New Compost Bin
a woman is holding a basket in her hand while standing next to a garden full of plants
20 Clever Gardening Hacks for a Spectacular Harvest - Really good ideas!
there are many cupcakes in the pan and one is made out of cement
20 Upcycled Seed Starter Pots You Can Easily Make At Home
how to make seed paper for planting
How To Make Seed Paper For Planting — Bees and Roses. Gardening tips and hacks.
a man is digging in the ground with his hand
Worm Plunger: a Brilliant Solution for Small Garden Composting - Garden Therapy
several netted pots with plants in them
Harvest Worm Castings the Easy Way
three green plastic containers sitting on top of a cement slab in front of a house
DIY Worm Bin for $40
the instructions to make seed tape with party streamers
Party Streamer Seed Tape