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Seriously I have been wanting a dandelion tattoo for a while now and I think that these nails are awesome. If I get the time tonight Im gonna try this

your dream wonder goes with the seeds as u blow the dandelion. It symbolizes what you wish & is considered to bring good luck & prosperity. Take a look at these cute dandelion nail art designs, which reminds us of the innocent life

Easy water marble. Make sure the water is room temp though that seems to work best. Also when you drip the polish into the water work quickly to prevent the  polish from drying too much or else it messes up when you make your swirls !! Drip up to 4 different polishes for a pretty rainbow swirl design ! & try to avoid polish with sparkles or shimmer & stick to opaque colors, those show up best.

water marble nail tutorial Other Pinner said : I've done this before & it turned out great. The thing you should remember is the water in the cup should be room temperature & make sure to put tape around your nails before :)

16 PERFECT Ideas For Your Next Manicure #refinery29

16 PERFECT Ideas For Your Next Manicure Okay, nail art lovers! If you're looking for something more girly than fashion-forward, we understand. This sprinkles mani by Karen Gutierrez is the perfect pairing of sugary, childlike fun and pop-art cool.