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Navigating Neoliberalism

Navigating Neoliberalism: "[H]ow does one aesthetically represent a complex, structural entity like neoliberalism? Since it evades any direct perception, our vision of the economy can only emerge from the augmentation of the human cognitive system with various sociotechnical apparatuses." "Aesthetics, under this conception, is what sensibly mediates between individual phenomenology and our cognitive maps of global structures. "

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Electronic Superhighway 2016-1966. Installation view, Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2016. Foto: Stephen White.

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POST-INTERNET In collaboration with the Collection and Usher Gallery in Lincoln, UK, Oliver Laric initiated “Lincoln 3D Scans,” a project comprised of scanning and publishing 3-D models of works in the institutes’ archive, 2014.

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Escape Velocities | "What is therefore necessary is the constitution of a Left comfortable with globality, complexity, mediation, quantification, and technology, rather than sentimentalized modes of action and organization more suited to generating an affective sensation of feeling good in pious defeat, rather than efficacious action. The fetishization of localized horizons of direct democracy must be replaced by a more substantive conception of collective self-mastery, wherein the more we…

Accelerationist Art |

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Recension: Leena Nio - AnnaElle Gallery, Karlavägen 15 B | SvD

Michael Manning, Microsoft Store Paintings, 2013. Maleriene er skapt med programmet FreshPaint i en Microsoft-butikk. Gjengitt med tillatelse.

Upretensiøs arkitektur- kritikk

Anakronistisk maleri, Frans Josef Petersson. "... vid närmare påseende tycks Olson inte alls förhålla sig till underlaget som en yta för färgen att spela mot, utan som ett av flera lager i ett vertikalt eller stratifierat montage."... "De stående formaten hos båda konstnärerna pekar också mot varje målning som ett skikt eller ett lager i en större helhet."..."...pekar mot en tendens att förhålla sig till måleriet i termer av lager snarare än som yta och form, och som antagligen delvis kan…

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