A Geiger counter built with Safecast's do-it-yourself kit reads 1.269 microseivert per hour on Route 6, the highway that borders the Fukushima Dai Ichi Nuclear Power Plant. This reading was taken just 5 km from the crippled nuclear reactor.

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crowdsourced biomolecule design

Scientific consensus has gotten a bad reputation—and it doesn’t deserve it. "The gap between the public’s perception of things and reality indicates that there’s a need for better communications. And one of the people who have studied the degree of consensus, John Cook, has argued that the gap exists across the ideological spectrum, even among those predisposed to accept the scientific community’s conclusions." "Mentions of the consensus are best made in the context of a conversation about…

Magnum asked for crowdsourced help in identifying archive photos, by tagging

Vidensdeling og videnskap i det 21. århundre.

Speeding up science

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5 Apps For A Citizen Science

Two volunteers record the remains of a submerged forest on Cleethorpes beach

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