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Leliel - Angel of Night by Peter Mohrbacher on Behance

Leliel, Angel of Night. The beat of her wings rests upon our ears. Like distant thunder. Like the stike of moon across the hot black sky. She is a rising star and a falling thought. The sweet caress of the mind washed smooth by sleep. By Peter Mohrbacher

Audra Auclair

“Purpose” is finished! This painting has a lot of meaning to me and the title pretty much explains it all. You may be blind to your purpose but your heart will do it’s best to guide you in the right direction. Do what makes your soul.

In a swirl of color and texture, artist Hieu—better known as Kelogsloops—paints spectacular portraits that feel both intimate and grandiose, as if the subjects hold the universe at their fingertips. The Melbourne-based creative fuses motifs of water, spac