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a jar filled with some kind of food on top of a wooden table next to a piece of paper
Set de Jar Bonnets {Sunflower}
someone is holding three embroidered coasters in front of a wooden spoon and some other items
Currently making jar covers for some of my favorite herbs
a bunch of plates that are sitting on a table with one hand holding the plate
Collectible gift plate gift, Artisan Dishes, Handmade Ceramic plate with a bee, Pottery Dinnerw...
rosemary - honey shortbread recipe on a yellow background with berries and honeycombs
3 Delightful Herbal Holiday Cookie Recipes – Herbal Academy
a white and brown cup with flowers painted on the side, sitting in front of a white background
three plates and spoons are sitting next to each other on a table with dragonflies painted on them
a table topped with lots of white and yellow dishes
a mason jar filled with fire cider ingredients
Madison Safer Illustration
two brown eggs sitting next to an egg tray with black and white designs on it
an assortment of plates and spoons with designs on them