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Allaya Whitestar

Allaya Whitestar
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Cat alphabet.

Sniff - makes me remember the days I cross stitched and I'd love to have come up with this, or stitch it now. ~~ cat alphabet cross stitch - just realized how much of a loser i really am thinking this is the cat's meow (pun intended)

Smoke it, Drink it, Burn it –A blend of organic coltsfoot, dandelion, mugwort, spearmint, thyme, wormwood and yarrow for divinatory rites for receiving prophetic visions, tarot reading, rune casting, scrying, prophetic dreaming, or using other systems of divination. Each of the herbs has a history of being used to enhance psychic ability, to induce visions, and to aid in communication with the other worlds.

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Stone circle

Meditation doesn't necessarily mean inactivity. A simple feature such as this meditation walk is a garden focal point and a way to focus your thoughts. Note how the size of the stones goes from small to large as you move to the inside of the circle.