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707 is my spirit animal

707 is my spirit animal this is so terrible and funny at the same time

jacksepticeye instagram smoothie - Google-søk

This qoute show so much of jack in it and inpires me to do my best at everything because he is so appriciative of everything he has and put a smile one my face every day im happy that i can have him as a friend even though its only through his videos!

Markiplier Jacksepticeye

Markiplier Jacksepticeye<<one joins the survey corps while the other becomes a pretty pretty princess.>>>YESSSS XD (or they both join the survey corps and one takes after jean XD)

Jealous Dan

<<yes my dear phandom it happened, just search Big Weekend Special WITH Dan, Phil, Jack, and Dean! The Internet Takeover - BBC Radio 1 and its in the video somewhere😊