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This is bullshit.

Posting this cause I love mixed drinks and ill need to work them off at some point. I don't look at drinking as a bad thing, just need to know how long to work out to work it off!

Christmas DIY Wreath. Again all dollar store use nice red bow in middle instead and ribbion to hang. They used tape but I think you could use a hot glue gun here ?

"Candy Cane Christmas Wreath" - easy wreath made of candy canes to 2 circles of cardboard, laying then hotgluing to first circle. Then, glue second on top of finished wreath w/Christmas message! Kids can make theirs from mini-canes for xmas project!

HOW TO cut one long strand of yarn out of a t-shirt

HOW TO cut one long strand of yarn out of a t-shirt - recycling at its finest just in case I ever get stuck somewhere with a suitcase full of old Tshirts. Or, get so bored I start cutting up my clothes.

polymer clay

MARGIT BOHMER-GERMANY polymer clay "The key to my work is color, especially rainbow colors, and the love to ethnic beads from all over the world, especially from Africa and Tibet.