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a green tiled bathroom with plants in the shower stall and floor tiles on the walls
Art Deco bathroom
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a bedroom with brick walls and plants on the window sill, bed in foreground
Men Are Posting Pics Of Their Homes Asking How To Make The Space Cozier And Here Are 50 Of The Best
A man’s home is his castle. But you might want to make the castle walls more decorative and add some nice furniture to make the fortress more pleasant to live in for yourself. As it turns out,
the bed is made up and ready to be used as an office or bedroom sofa
Swyft Model 02 Sofa Bed
Meet the Model 02 sofa bed from Swyft. Combining comfort and style, this easy-to-use space-saving sofa is perfect for any last minute sleepovers. Order yours today.
several white vases with plants in them on a red background, one is shaped like a tower
9 lost vertebrae. Individual handmade stoneware bud vase set
9 lost vertebrae. A set of 9 bud vases which are individually wall mountable. Made from high quality stoneware clay, all hand made from start to finish using no moods and basic hand building tools. The concept came out of my research into anatomy, where I discovered that the average person is born with 33 vertebrae but by the time they reach adulthood most have only 24 because some at the bottom end of the spine fuse during growth. The 9 bud vases represent the 9 lost vertebrae, and combine to s