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Alexandra Nordahl

Alexandra Nordahl
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the-orator:  Commissions for hemoluminescent, natal-ee-a, ironbullgivesyouwings, commanderclusterfuck, unwelcometagalong Thank you everyone for commissioning me :)

the-orator: Commissions for hemoluminescent, natal-ee-a, ironbullgivesyouwings, commanderclusterfuck, unwelcometagalong Thank you everyone for commissioning me :):

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You should try this exercise!  Start from the middle-aged man! it's easier! it's really interesting and perfect to undertstand your skills! And if you're interested you can find the the f...

Practice aging your characters with Kibbitzer’s helpful reference sheet! kibbi: “Aging Reference Sheet by *Kibbitzer You should try this exercise! Start from the middle-aged man! it’s easier! it’s.