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Fiona Tan explores storytelling, memory, and the part they play in the formation of identity throughout this exhibition of five video installations, various associated sketches and one single-channel video. Rise and Fall (2009),  elongated projections onto two large, side-by-side screens, is a wordless meditation, set to music, of a woman no longer young but still…

Fiona Tan (video installation)- Saw this last year at Uqam. Favorite video artist by far.

Txt: Carlos Herrera Img: Ryoichi Kurokawa

New solo exhibition by Ryoichi Kurokawa featuring the stunning 'constrained surface' and the 'unfold', new project exploring data taken from giant molecular clouds in space through beautifully visual and sonic environments that showcase the birth of stars

Nobuhiro Nakanishi - Design Milk

The theme of Japaneses artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi work is “the physical that permeates into the art piece.” Laser print mounted with plexiglass acrylic and layered in a way that it all come up as some intriguing sculpture installations.

Art League Houston Vortex House

Art League Houston Vortex House, Houston, Texas - The Texas "Hole House" as it became known was in existence for only a few months in the spring of Two houses slated for demolition were turned into a limited time art project.

Patricia Piccinini 'The Comforter'

Patricia Piccinini 'The Comforter', Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney