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pink flowers are in a black vase with green leaves
a small plant with purple flowers growing out of it's roots on a mossy rock
Laelia lundii
Laelia lundii - Like a Bonsaï (2014)
a bunch of green bananas hanging from a banana tree with moss growing on it's branches
Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis
Oncidium Orchids, Oncidium, Vanda Orchids
Tolumnia triquetra
a potted plant with white flowers and green leaves in it on a black background
cycnoches loddigesii
pink and white flowers are in a flower pot on the side of a door way
pink flowers and green leaves on a black background
a plant that is sitting on top of a wooden bench in the grass with leaves around it
the plant is growing out of the vase
an orange flower hanging from the side of a planter in a greenhouse with text overlay
some green flowers are hanging from a wire on a black background with the stems still attached
some very pretty white flowers in large vases on the side of a building with people looking at them
Dendrochilum cobbianum