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a baby in a box with writing on it and the caption reads, coloring box - can't believe i've never thought of this
Keeping this one in mind!
two children are playing with sand in an outdoor play area
11 Slim Under-Bed Storage Solutions That Are Way More Stylish Than Plastic Bins
Look! Underbed Storage Boxes Turned Sandbox
a plastic container filled with yellow toys on top of a sandy ground next to rocks
Hours of fun!
three different swings that are hanging from the ceiling and one is made out of wood
RockYaTot - Etsy Australia
Perfect Pink Swing / Handmade Burlap Baby Swing, Toddler Swing or Kids Swing and Rattle
a teddy bear sitting on a swing in the corner of a room with other items
Simple Hanging Closet Storage Crates with Rope - Table and Hearth
What a cool way to use vertical space! Hanging closet storage crates
a white wall with two wooden hooks on it and some dishes in front of it
Diy kitchen improvements ideas on a budget
Diy kitchen improvements ideas on a budget -Use tree branch and rope
a cup is sitting on top of a wooden stand next to a pillow and cushion
IKEA Kivik Couch Update
I am updating this post because I have gotten over 200 emails about this post! 95% of the questions are about the custom reclaimed wood arm wrap in the photo! We are constantly making new stock, so...
a wooden shelf with books and plants on it, hanging from the wall by strings
シンプルに吊るす、自由度が高い棚 | ROOMIE(ルーミー)
シンプルに吊るす、自由度が高い棚 | roomie(ルーミー)
a white wall covered in black and white photos next to a wooden stick with an arrow sticking out of it
5 DIY Projects to Turn Your Photos into Wall Art - Society19
It’s the Tumblr dream room, really. Your dorm should be an expression of who you are as a person; your interests, friends, music you’re into, and so forth. I’ll give you 5 easy DIY photo projects to turn your drab dorm decor into something both you AND your roommate can show off to friends that’ll […]
a person is holding a jar with some pens and pencils in it, while the other
Pastel Mason Jar Storage | DIY Spring Room Decor Ideas for Teens | Awesome Decor Ideas for the Home on a Budget
a coffee cup sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white couch in a living room
No link just an idea for an arm table for the couch
a plant in a white vase sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a computer desk
Start A Fire
Kisten u palletten Möbel
four different views of shelves with bookshelves attached to the wall and hanging from them
MGProjekt (@MGProjekt) / X
Bridge Shelves by Outofstock Design I could make this! Pft -me
two shelves with bowls and cups on them, one is hanging from the wall while the other is holding utensils
Näin teet astioille sievän seinähyllyn
Näin teet seinähyllyn - Tee se itse - Kodin Kuvalehti
a roll of toilet paper hanging on the wall next to wooden spoons and utensils
5 DIY Paper Towel Holders
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