Thsi idea is the best! A Cosy to keep cables and cords organized at home and when traveling!!

Makers Month: Make it: Cable Cosy + free PDF download

How to make a flat bottom zipper pouch. These would make great project bags!

How to make a flat bottom zipper pouch. Project meeting idea - make up bag - washable, easy and quick to do in an afternoon!

toy box idea

painted boxes great for all those toys! What a great idea! This would be a great solution for knitting/crocheting projects too! :)dog toys we will be getting :)


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20 Best Sashiko Embroidery Tutorials and Projects | Radiant Home Studio

Best Sashiko Embroidery Tutorials & Projects

T-shirt + skirt= new t-shirt

T-shirt + skirt= new t-shirt (link doesn't work). Like this for the black patterned skirt I don't know what to do with.


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