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Faberge Egg 1892 - "Diamond Trellis Egg" This egg is in a private collection in London. It held a miniature elephant automaton based on the Danish coat of arms (Maria's family).

1892 "Diamond Trellis Egg" Easter gift from Alexander III to Maria Feodorova. Surprise: (missing) miniature elephant with key to make elephant move. Originally had a base with 3 cherubs (missing) thought to represent their 3 sons.

The portrait of Nicholas II on the 1916 egg. It turns out that this was the only Imperial Egg that left Russia with the original owner.

The Order of St. George Egg - 1916 - by Fabergé - Imperial Easter Egg presented by Tsar Nicholas II to his mother the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna at Easter 1916

Blue Serpent Clock Egg, 1887. Presented by Alexander III to Czarina Maria Fyodorovna. Gold, opalescent white enamel, diamonds, sapphires. Kept in Prince Ranieri II of Monaco Collection.

Faberge Egg 1895 - "Blue Serpent Clock Egg" This egg is owned by Prince Albert II of Monaco. It is a functioning clock.

The Mosaic egg, also belonging in the Royal Collection was considered one of Faberge’s most sophisticated creations. It was gifted to the Empress Alexandra by her husband, Tsar Nicholas II in 1914. However, due to the original invoice being destroyed, the exact cost of this egg is unknown. The five portraits on the ‘surprise’ are of OTMA and Alexei, their children.

1914 Mosaic Egg Gift van Nicholas II to Alexandra Feodorovna Made in Saint Petersburg Owner: HM Queen Elizabeth II, England Height: cm (height miniature: cm)

Rose Trellis Faberge Egg, 1907 ~ presented by Nicholas II to Czarina Alexandra Fyodorovna  -- "Originally the egg contained an oval jeweled locket in which the surprise was hidden. Only the impression on the satin lining now remains. Research indicates the surprise was a diamond chain with a watercolor miniature of the little Tsarevich Alexei, painted on ivory." [text from website]

graceandcompany: “LIKE : Rose Trellis Egg Gift of Nicholas II to his wife Alexandra by Carl Faberge Considered one of the most beautiful Faberge eggs, it is held today at the Walters Art Museum.